28 July 2009

Lucky Shot

Have you ever seen a hummingbird swim? I sure hadn't. This is at the wood-plank bridge over West Mink Creek. I stopped there to rehydrate and had my camera out when hummingbirds just started flying all over the place. At first I thought it was just one, showing up repeatedly, but then I saw several in a group and realized I'd lucked into a hummingbird free-for-all. If my camera were quicker on the uptake, I'd have a massive amount of pictures from it. As is, I wound up with several awesome ones. This is from my favorite shot. I trimmed it down to emphasize the hummer. It didn't stay in the water long. As far as I can tell, it dipped down into the stream as a bird-bath, splashed around a bit, then flew off and started shaking the water out of its feathers. Awesome to see; even better to get a decent shot of it.


kayo said...

I stumbled upon your blog. Very thoughtfully written. Very well written.
Please tell me. What is the state of the art of Taiji in Pocatello? I haven't heard anything from there in years.
Taiji is alive and well in Cache Valley.

Your southern neighbor....kayo

Qalmlea said...

Hey, Kayo!

We're still going strong up here. Don's recovering from knee surgery (fell on the ice last winter; it was worse than they thought at first or they would have operated sooner), but is finally off crutches, and even out of the brace. He's been having us work on breathing patterns for the form, as taught by Bill Philips.

Any workshops coming up down your way?