30 July 2009

Scenery Shot and Rambling

It's strange, but I actually enjoy projects more when I have to be more careful about how I spend the money. Why that is, I don't know. I'm still planning to redo the bathroom, as the walls behind the plastic on the walls are at least partially rotten, if not all the way rotten, and I'll soon get the $1500 for proof-reading Alan's work developing the online stats course. I'm not sure what my status will be once I'm no longer affiliated with ISU, as part of the stuff is run through ISU. It would be nice if that sideline could keep going. Enough students, and I could potentially make as much through that as I've been getting through ISU... but that many students is unlikely, and I really have no idea whether my working for UI hinges at all on my working for ISU.

But I was at Home Depot, looking at bathroom cabinets, and found two good candidates. Both are the same price. One is made of much nicer wood, but is only 12 inches deep, so I'd lose out on storage. The other is cheaper material, but is 18 inches deep, and has a top designed with all the usable space on the right side, making it much more useful than the other one. It also comes with a mirror that I don't need, and my mom commented that the bathroom they're renovating at her office will need a mirror, so I offered to sell that one to her if I got that cabinet. I've also offered to sell her an "air purifier" that's just like one she wore out. I seem to become more Ferengi when I'm worried about money. "Air purifier" is in quotes because it's one of those ionizing things that mostly just produces ozone, and does nothing else. Yes, it helps, but it's nearly worthless, imo, especially since ozone sometimes makes my breathing worse. So I'd be perfectly happy to get rid of it and trade it for some cash. If Mom had bought it for me in the first place, I wouldn't charge for it, but she insisted that I pay my share at the time she ordered the things, so if she wants it, she'll have to pay me some of that back. Not all of it, of course, since it's not new.

Okay, I think I'm just rambling randomly now, so I'll stop, except to comment on the picture. I really like the way it turned out, composition-wise, but the lighting... it's not quite up to par. Bright sunlight seems to make shots seem duller, counter-intuitively. *shrugs*

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