14 September 2009

Lucky Diplomat

Okay, our party is currently split, and all in the Labyrinth. Dovra and Heian are together, as are Alanar, Shenron, and Horgta. If we were all together, the encounters would be easily doable. As is, Heian and I are at a disadvantage, as we have no one with us good for taking the hits. So Dovra's been talking to the goblins, and is very pleased she took the language feat when she leveled up so that she actually speaks Goblin.

Despite having only +5 to Diplomacy, she talked their way out of an encounter with two goblins and a bunch of little things being herded by the goblins, and even got some information from the goblins by rolling a natural 20. Then they ran into another goblin with two flaming bats and...two something elses. She rolled an 18 for diplomacy twice in a row, and got them out by trading away some food rations. No XP, but also no dead characters.

Oh yes. Dovra's opening lines.

(1) "Boy, are we glad to see you guys!"
(2) "Hi, how are you doing?"

I swear, she sounds like Jack Burton, only she doesn't have a machine gun with her to just blast them, which would have been handy tonight, actually.

We made minor progress on the labyrinth, finding out that the doors are numbered. We don't know yet if the numbering is consistent from room to room, though.

And now, I have things to grade.


John said...

Jack never successfully blasted anyone with his machine gun. You don't need a gun, you need a sidekick like Wang Che.

John said...
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John said...

Also, keep an eye out for little goblins changing your marks. And don't tell the DM that his labyrinth is a "Piece of cake."

Qalmlea said...

LOL... and thank you. We should have been marking the doors as we came through. It may not help, depending on how much of a random element there is, but it's something to try.

I'd probably tell him it was a piece of Key Lime Pie, but that's a reference to a poisoned key lime pie in S3 of Dexter.

John said...

The very concept of poisoning a key lime pie is shamefully disrespectful of what is surely the king of desserts.

word verification: multme - verb. to clone oneself several times.

Qalmlea said...

Strangely enough, the poisoned key lime pie was for a good cause. But in general I would agree.