30 September 2009

Five Six Signs There's a Paper Shortage in the Department

I mentioned before that the math department's paper budget is currently barely enough to cover printing tests for classes, let alone anything else. Here are some of the effects. And, yes, I've done all of these.

6. You raid the paper recycling bin for paper only used on one side.
5. You post everything to Moodle so that students can print it out on someone else's paper.
4. You start hoarding all abandoned papers and notebooks in classrooms.
3. You find an envelope on your desk and hoard it for scrap paper.
2. You look at the envelope and are pleased to note that if you unfold it, there is another blank writing surface on the other side.
And finally:

#1. You get junk mail in your mailbox and are ecstatic to see that one side of each page in the junk mail is blank.

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