16 June 2009

Random Acts of Commerce

I made an unexpected $15 yesterday. Someone knocked at my door and asked if he could get some "raspberry starts." On the south side of the garage, my raspberry plants have been quite prolific, and I figured, sure, why not. We found three that were a bit isolated from the others, dug down and got at least most of the root, and stuck them in a pot that he had brought. He kept insisting that he'd pay for them, so I asked him what he thought they were worth. He figured that plants as large as what we dug up would run about $7 at a nursery, so I suggested $5 each. I honestly expected him to talk me down, and I was figuring on $10 for the set, but he went for the $15 without any discussion. For less than 10 minutes of work and a few excess plants, $15 seems like plenty to me. ^/^

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