22 June 2009


I just discovered that one of Chang's Garden's Calamari appetizers is actually gluten-free. It's called "salt and pepper squid". This name is misleading, unless you think "pepper = jalapeño pepper". It's a bit spicy, but it's quite good. It's also fried in what I think is a corn starch batter. It was too spicy for my mom. I thought it was a pleasantly warm amount of spice. And the flavor was excellent.

AM ADDENDUM: Actually, the "appetizer" is large enough that if you just ordered some rice on the side, and maybe a bit of sweet and sour sauce, there would be plenty for a meal.

I also forgot to mention that the other calamari on the menu, labeled "fried calamari", is not gluten free. I'm not really sure why they can't just use the same coating, but apparently they don't.

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