25 June 2009

Looking for Group - Boom de Yada

I actually ran across this comic through the tv tropes wiki. It was a link to an example of a character type, and I no longer remember the name of the character type. I do remember that the dwarf character was considered a "rare female example", and that it was a very boisterous kind of character.

At any rate, Looking for Group is quite entertaining. Imagine a party made up of an evil undead warlock, a neutral half-orc and her foster-father minotaur, and a perfectly good elf who reminds me rather a lot of Corporal Carrot. Anyway, I just had to post a link to the comic's version of "Boom de Yada". And here's a sample panel:

That's Richard, the evil undead warlock, singing. He also has a pet rabbit, and thinks of nurseries as all-you-can-eat buffets.


John said...

LFG is one of my favorites

Qalmlea said...

I think one of my favorite things about it is that the evil, undead warlock is the comic relief, and a semi-reliable ally so long as you keep him distracted from side-targets.

John said...

I think it's sort-of based on (inspired by?) World of Warcraft, with the heroes being Horde, and therefore nominally evil (to Cabe's great surprise, initially).

John said...

Also, tvtropes.org is an awesomely huge time-hole. I can't seem to spend less than an hour there. There's always "one more link" that needs to be followed.

word verification: blesto - a magic word used by priest and similar religious charlatans when prestidigitating for the sheeple.

Qalmlea said...

Re: tv tropes

Yes, it is so easy to get sucked in on that site. Even when I go in looking for one particular thing, I wind up chasing a few dozen rabbit-trails. I'm just glad I don't watch much anime: that's usually the longest list of examples and I feel no qualms about skipping it.

Qalmlea said...

Wow. Apparently they're actually working on a LFG movie. This was described as a "trailer" where I found the link, but I think it's more of a teaser. This seems to be a mockup of work on it and is amusing for the contrasts between the characters.