18 January 2009

What to Do with Peanut Butter that You Can't Scrape Out of the Jar

I have a sneaking feeling that this represents my longest title for a blog-post, ever!

So, in answer to the title: drop a handful of chocolate chips into the jar; shake and/or stir them around; remove and eat them using chopsticks.

It didn't quite use up all of the peanut butter, but it took care of most of it, and tasted good to boot. ^/^

As always, make sure to read ingredients on both chocolate chips and peanut butter if you have food sensitivities, and avoid off-brands of either one. Of course, right now might not be the best time to be buying peanut butter products... However, the jar in question came from well before the salmonella scare, and never made me ill in any fashion.

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Irving said...

Now that is very clever :) Thanks for the tip :)