10 January 2009

Two Sunrises, One Morning

Two sunrises in a row
on the road to Eagle Rock
Over lava beds, rocks glowed
with molten liquid light
In the taller mountains north
the sun set for a moment
Night settled in that moment
until the sun rose once more.

A few clarifications: Eagle Rock was once the name of Idaho Falls, and it scanned better when I was writing this. Basically, the mountains to the east of I-15 vary in height, and I was traveling at just the right time to see the sun rise over Hell's Half Acre, only to "set" again behind some taller mountains, and then rise above them as well.

I'm not entirely happy with the last line yet... but I can't think how to fix it just now. But here's a sunrise that's out of this world.


Irving said...

Wonderful :) What a blessing to see the sun rise twice in one morning :)

Ya Haqq!

Qalmlea said...

It was definitely a gorgeous drive.