23 January 2009

Strange License Plates and Statistical Software

One that I liked read "FROGSTR". Another that puzzled me read "MRSEE". Mr. See? Mrs. E.E.? Mercy; merci; Mars C? I have no idea. Wait... Mr. See could be a corny plate for an ophthalmologist... That's my best guess at this point.

In other news, I've been asked to review materials for an independent study Statistics class that the university is in the process of re-vamping (as the book used in the last program went out of print some time ago). I haven't done much yet. It uses software made by the same company that makes our Math108 software. That software was pretty bad when we first started using it, but is mostly decent now. I haven't tried the statistics program enough to say how it compares yet. After that, it's possible that I may wind up supervising the course itself. From the sounds of things, it isn't much work for the supervisor, but there's a decent compensation. So we'll see how that goes.

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John said...

This is way OT, but I thought you'd be interested:

Archimedes was even cooler that I thought