10 October 2009

Sleeping in a Depot

Our party needed a long rest last night. Since we were still in the labyrinth, we decided to take the long rest in the labyrinth. Turns out, this isn't a good idea. We've modified the official rules a bit, in that we take 9 hours, with watches in 3 hour shifts, and the person with the middle watch is still considered to have gotten sufficient rest. Which would be all fine and good, except that we kept having creatures wander in while we were sleeping. On the plus side, Dovra leveled up and is halfway to leveling up again. On the minus side, the entire evening was spent alternating between trying to sleep and fighting off creatures that wandered in. We didn't even make it to talking to the blue dragon again, let alone to the wizard's tower. Still, we did finally make it all the way through a long rest last night, so next week we can attempt to confront the blue dragon, and hopefully then head for the tower.

I have to say that it is very handy to have a ranged attack that is vs. Will rather than Reflex or AC. Oh, we found out after all this that having all the gems activated increases the probability of encounters in the labyrinth. So it's definitely not a good place to sleep. We don't know this IC, but presumably the four encounters while we were sleeping will convince us not to sleep there again anyway.

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