30 October 2009


Bit of an odd dream segment last night. I have no idea why, but I was driving a van, and Fibonacci and Abe (Shenron's OOC counterpart) were passengers. It was late at night, and we were in the parking lot of a veterinarian. I had received a notice that I'd been hired by this place (and even in the dream I was puzzling over (a) the fact that I'm not remotely qualified for such a job and (b) the fact that I couldn't remember applying for a job there), and if I didn't respond quickly, I would lose the job opportunity. The problem was that I was still under contract to teach at ISU, so there was no way I could take the job right then and there.

So I go into the vet's office. It's after midnight, but there's still someone on duty keeping an eye on the place overnight, and there are hundreds and hundreds of games, CD's, and DVD's on shelves lining the walls in the office, presumably to help this caretaker stay awake. That's all I remember about the inside of the place. Fibonacci complained that there was no place there that he could practice his speech for the next day and was very agitated to get some place where he could practice it. I told him that if he was that antsy, he could walk, but that I had to get this job-thing settled right now. I remember a conversation to the effect that he might as well wait, since the walk would take at least as long as getting the job sorted out. Not sure what Abe thought about all this. He mostly seems to have been set dressing.

I have no real idea where any of that dream came from. The van might be Andrew/Horgta's van, and the shelves of DVD's reminds me of the one time I was at an astronomical observatory on nightwatch (might have been interesting, except the equipment was cantankerous and the head researcher swore at it nearly continuously), but the rest? No real clue.

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