15 March 2009


I've got a new baby sister! Sort of. My mom adopted a cat yesterday at the animal shelter's adoption day. The cat's about one year old, and has a rather sad story. She's a "foreclosure kitty", meaning that her owners lost their house and had to move into an apartment and, well, the apartment didn't allow pets. Still, I'm not sure that the cat isn't better off, as these people apparently had a rather large dog that liked to chase her around and they declawed the cat. I'm not big on declawing anyway, but declawing a cat that has to fend off a large dog? That's just nasty.

So she's called "Skitzi" (temporarily; I'm hoping Mom will change that) because she was rather skittish, or so her foster-owner said. But she's actually much calmer than most cats I've known. Yeah, she howled through the car ride, but as soon as she got into Mom's house, she was just interested in everything. She hid once or twice, but never for long, and she came right out under very minor encouragement (gentle noises, or rubbing fingers together). She hid a bit more thoroughly when she was left alone for an hour*, but, again, came right back out once she figured out we had come back.

I wound up going shopping for a few basic supplies for Mom (supposedly so she could practice her offertory at her church, but she actually just stayed at home and played with the cat). So I got her two sets of bowls, a kitty-condo, a blanket, and a bed. She has thusfar ignored all but the bowl with the food in it. ^/^

I hope to have picture to post of her soon, but she's described as a "tabby point Siamese", almost certainly not a purebred, and likely all the more gorgeous for it. Here are what the purebreds look like. Skitzi has a face much like this cat and a body with patterning like this one. Slightly cross the eyes of the first cat and you'll have a pretty good image of my mom's new cat.

*She found a way inside the couch with built-in recliners. Ah, cats!

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