27 March 2009

Hiking Oddities

Okay, I didn't make it to Salt Lake this week. The day I felt up to driving was miserable weather. Today would have been good weather, but I wasn't up to a two and a half hour drive. Then I thought maybe I'd go to Idaho Falls instead, only I'll be going up there tomorrow anyway, so then I decided to go hiking up at City Creek. It's not the ideal time of year for it, as the snow is just melting in many places, and the mud is nearly ankle deep in some of those places—usually just tread deep, but occasionally ankle deep. Still, it was well worth it. For now, I just want to post the two strange sitessights I came across, but I've got lots of other ice and scenery pictures that I'd like to put up eventually.

This one looks an awful lot like a skeletal foot, give or take a few digits, but it's really just a branch. This was on the upper part of the path, which is now labelled the "Bench" trail.

There were a bunch of new signs up, labeling paths and such, but this one had me puzzled. It's very definitely not marking a call box. My best guess is that it's where the 911 people would like you to wait for them if there's an emergency. Presumably the person who is not injured would climb up to the sign, wait for the 911 people, and then lead them to whomever is injured.

On the one hand, all the new signs are rather nice, so that it's easy to tell which part of the trail(s) you're headed for (they criss-cross back and forth a lot up there). On the other, I find them a bit irritating, as I rather like the wilderness feel of the place.


John said...

"miserable weather" is a pretty mild description.

Qalmlea said...

We didn't get hit as bad as parts further east, but it looked like Salt Lake got caught in at least part of the backwash. Still not as bad as Denver, though.

John said...

Yeah, we didn't get hit as bad as Denver (or even Casper, for that matter), but my boss told me it was too bad to try to go to work on Thursday (I work in Rock Springs).