30 September 2008

Secrets in Song

On the S3 teaser for Dexter, they used a song that I fell in love with on the first hearing. It has the feel of an old classic. I could imagine it coming from sometime between the '20s and '40s. But, no, it's actually pretty new. This video kept the retro-pastiche feel of the song by using black and white stills. I think it may be a video made by the artists themselves, but I'm not completely certain. I'm not sure I like the talking segment in the middle of the full song, but I've certainly encountered period songs that do something similar. Full lyrics here, and the singers are the Pierces.

I like the chorus enough to post it here:

got a secret, can you keep it?
swear this one you'll save.
better lock it in your pocket,
taking this one to the grave.
if i show you, then i know you
won't tell what i said.
because two can keep a secret
if one of them is dead.

I love the rich, deep red tones of the melody, and the crisp pronunciation of all the words. Beautifully done. (Full album here, with previews of the other songs. First impression? I like about half of them)

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