25 September 2008

Ironically Susan

Your result for The Which Discworld Character Am I Test ...

Susan Sto Helit

You scored 92 intelligence, 63 morality, and 42 physical strengenth!

As Death's granddaughter (a long story, which you greatly dislike), you inherited his ultimate practicality and lack of fear. In fact, boogeymen and other childhood boggles fear YOU. Often assisted by the Death of Rats and his raven, you manage to fix the Universe inbetween working as a governness and educating the masses. The ultimate teacher.

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Why ironically? Because my first thought was "Sigh, of course. I'm Susan." Which is exactly how Susan would (likely) react. ^/^

H/T: Evolving Thoughts

1 comment:

John said...

Mustrum Ridcully

You scored 89 intelligence, 46 morality, and 71 physical strengenth!

As Archchancellor of the Unseen University, you are the most sensiblely pig-headed wizard on campus. And what is perhaps more remarkable than being able to summon fireballs whenever you want them, you're even usually right. You have Rincewind's luck without any of his pathetic everyman-ness. After all, you *are* Archchancellor.