20 August 2009

Fictional Exploits

Well, Dovra has now helped in a futile attack against trolls attempting to kidnap a member of the existing party she encountered (and joined up with), been attacked by a stirge. Shenron (dragonborn cleric) got it off of her, but I think she did deal the killing blow to a different one with a Thunderwave spell. They managed to find the trolls, who no longer had the person they'd kidnapped but were more than happy to let the party into a cave ... with the understanding that they would not let us back out.

There we were attacked by cavern chokers hiding on the walls. I realized that Dovra's attack spells had a wee flaw in them: they were all blasts and bursts, which is problematic in close quarters and/or when one of the party has been grabbed by something. However, she did make herself useful in that encounter. The cavern chokers blend flawlessly into the background when they're not moving or attacking. While she could see one, Dovra put a bright red X on it with Prestidigitation so that it couldn't do that. Well, it could vanish... but the X remained visible. That one didn't disappear again before it died, nor did the second that she marked, but the third one did try to vanish once... and the purple X stayed visible (I used different colors for each one; the next one would have been neon green at the request of our half-orc, but there wasn't a next one) so that it could still be attacked.

So then we kept exploring the cave and came across one end of a teleportation key, which took us to meet the Big Bad of the campaign... whom Dovra knew relatively well, having worked with him before she became Not Evil (she always says it that way; so far no one's commented on it). Amusingly he asked if Dovra wanted to work for him again, but since he proclaimed that he was "still SO evil," she declined. We were running out of time at this point, so I'm wondering if the rest of the group are going to question her about this. I mean, they only just met her. Sure, she's helped them fight off giant mosquitoes and such, but surely they ought to be a bit worried that she's worked with the guy who coordinated the kidnap of their friend. Ah well.

(Apologies for the mixing of pronouns in this; I've realized that any specific action that my character takes I tend to think of in third person, especially if it's a spell, but any generic action of the group, like going into the cave, I tend to think of in first person. That's...oddly backwards, isn't it? I could clean it up for consistency, but I think it's an interesting record of the way I respond to the fictional set-up.)

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