31 August 2009

Death by Processed Food

Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks that fast food places are out to poison people.

Of course, I know they're out to poison me. I don't mean that they have a conscious intent to do so, but that they have such a ridiculous neglect of allergen information that they may as well be consciously intending to poison me.

Not just fast food, either. I had a package of Del Monte lightly sweetened peaches. I debated whether to even try it, since "natural flavors" were listed as an "ingredient." I should have trusted my instincts. In less than 20 minutes, I had the pain and upset stomach of a soy reaction. From PEACHES. Seriously, what the bloody hell is wrong with food companies?

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John said...

"Seriously, what the bloody hell is wrong with food companies?"

One word: Profit

For instance, peach juice can be sold separately from the peaches themselves, but the drained juice needs to be replaced, so a cheap, tasteless soy-based filler is used. Profit!