17 November 2008

Quite Villainous

Name That Movie Villain

Okay, I took this at work and got an 85% the first time through. The next time through I realized that I did recognize one particular name, and then the others I'd missed became obvious. I haven't seen every film they took villains from, but I at least recognized the character well enough to know what the movie was on all but one. I'd probably seen about half of the movies.


John said...

I scored 90% I hadn't seen the movies for the two I missed, and has no idea who they were.

word verification: conesse - it's almost a real word - how about:

conesse - to successfully pull a scam mark with exceptional flair and style.

John said...

oops, stupid typing. delete "mark" from that definition

Qalmlea said...

I like the new word. ^/^