12 December 2009

Fire, Ice and a Chest

I've got a start on my account of our D&D group's adventure with the chest. There's a problem, however, and I don't think I should post anything specific on it until the problem is resolved. Short version: in-character disputes. A longer version will have to wait until some resolution is reached, hopefully at the next meeting.

ADDENDUM: Oh, yes. Two of us were at the concert last night (Philip to perform; I think I spotted him amongst the crowd of Camerata singers), and between us complaining and the current situation, the DM, aka Fibonacci, decided we needed to have everyone there for what is going to happen next. So last night John/Allonar was going to lead them in a one-time dungeon crawl, with gladiatorial overtones from what I picked up on the message board.

RE-ADDENDUM: I seem to be posting more now that lectures are done. I think I've just been too exhausted to post much here lately.


John said...

"I think I've just been too exhausted to post much here lately."

That's a much better reason than mine. I seem to be unable to muster the effort. I'm not depressed really(I think), just in a kind of "what's the point?" state of mind.

Word verification: suckers - another real word. What the hell?

Qalmlea said...

Maybe they've changed their verification program, though real words would be easier for spambots to guess.

I have an even better reason for yesterday: my laptop keeps overheating and shutting itself off. Thursday I'll go find out if it costs as much to repair it as to get a new Netbook. If it does, as I expect it will, I'll just go for the new one. I've already rescued most of the files from this one.