17 June 2005

Cool stuff at the Pine Ridge Mall? Who would have thought?!

So my mom and I wandered the local mall this afternoon. Mainly I think she wanted a reason, any reason, not to go home just yet, so I obliged. Mostly it was same ol', same ol'. For no particular reason, I wandered into the Nook and Cranny. It's a collection of booths that people can rent to sell their stuff (and not have to be there the whole time to keep an eye on it). Usually, it's pretty boring, unless you're into antler lamps, painted wooden signs and furniture (usually sized for children), and candles. Today there was a 'new' booth. New since Christmas, anyway. It had sheet music for Native American flute, as well as a good selection of Native American flute CD's. I bought one book of sheet music and one CD—I wanted to buy more, but I also didn't want to go broke. The booth also had some flutes for sale... I've only got two... *forcibly restrains herself from going back*

Even better, the guy who ran the booth left some cards, and he gives lessons in Native American flute! I'll have to contact him and find out his rates and times, but I would really like to get better at playing. I can pick out some melodies, and I play around a bit, but I'm not very good. I'd like to be. :-)

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